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Welcome to my TUBS subdomain. - who needs material design when you can have my bad taste in design due to lack of creativity?

What is TUBS?

TUBS is "The UTAU Black Supermarket". It's a group of people who are somewhat tight-knit. We work on collaborations together, and support each other in projects such as ASSSS (Association for Speech and Singing Synthesis Scrips), DIRTY (DeepVocal Integrated Research Team Yeehaw), and everything happens in the bathtub. Don't worry, the bathtub may be in a carpeted room, but we have sworn to keep that carpet bone dry.

What is a HitCoder

A HitCoder is a person who does programming and vocalsynth and develops the voicebank Tempest Ookaminoto and he is not very cool. He's actually really boring. He's complemented that you have this question though.