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OpenUtau is an open-source UTAU front-end developed and maintained by StAkira. It is worked on by the general developer community around UTAU and has recently gained a lot of attention, and for good reason; it is a very powerful alternative to UTAU that provides a lot of very user-friendly convenient features that are not present in other alternatives such as UTSU.

That is not to discredit projects such as UTSU however; OpenUtau seemingly aims to bring UTAU to a more modern space, providing multiple tracks, real-time rendering, phonemization, and many more features allowing users to make it feel more like Vocaloid. In addition, the phonemization features make OpenUtau easier to use for English voicebanks using Arpasing, and the open-source nature of it allows users to develop phonemization for any method they desire, allowing the possibility to make any UTAU method easier to use.

Tempest Ōkaminoto's recent WIP voicebank even has official support for OpenUtau's voice color feature, allowing the user to easily switch expressions on the fly.

Installing on Linux

As I've unfortunately recently become a Linux nerd once again, and am using EndeavourOS, an Arch-based distribution, I've decided to briefly overview options for installing OpenUtau on Linux.

The Official Way

The official way to install and use OpenUtau on Linux is to download the Latest Linux release. This is also most likely the best way for most users to use OpenUtau, as updates can easily be handled through the program itself, prompting users to update on start-up when necessary.

Installer script

I've made an installer script to do it for you :) Run the following to install OpenUtau for the local user

source <(curl -s
If the icon is not visible, run the following
sudo wget -q -O /usr/share/pixmaps/openutau.svg
And if you wish to uninstall it at any point
source <(curl -s

Report any issues on the repo's issues tracker.


For those of you using Arch-based Linux distributions, you may prefer to manage packages a little more hands-on. For that I maintain an AUR package: openutau-git This package installs the latest git version of OpenUtau. Do bear in mind however, that because this is a git package, you will have to manually update your installation from the command line.

For example, install/update using yay:

yay -S openutau-git